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Italy Venice Bridge of SighsDreamDiscoverItalia is an award-winning travel, culture and lifestyle blog focused on Italy and all things Italian.

Established in February 2013 DreamDiscoverItalia covers festivals, food, traditions, history, places to visit, photography and travel within Italy. The site also features people, traditions or places beyond Italian borders where there is a strong Italian link, whether via the ancient Roman Empire, the Venetian Republic or other Italian influences so readers of DreamDiscoverItalia can immerse themselves in Italy wherever they are.

DreamDiscoverItalia is open to advertising or sponsorship opportunities that are Italy or travel related. I am also available for blog tours, press trips and select campaigns for Italian locations or products. You will benefit by reaching your core demographic of people who enjoy exploring all aspects of Italy and by having an association with a trustworthy and respected website. Working together will also enable us to develop strong content to be shared via DreamDiscoverItalia’s social media channels and beyond.

If you have a proposal or would like more information please send an email to – ddi(underscore) – to discuss opportunities.

Grazie mille!