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Since my first citybreak in Rome in 2000 I’ve gradually been exploring Italy one trip at a time. Over the years places and people have inspired me to delve a little deeper into Italian life and in 2007 I decided to learn Italian which has opened up a whole new world of adventures!

I lived in Venice for a couple of years and now split my time between the UK and La Serenissima whenever I can. And there is nothing I love more than exploring my adopted city’s streets and waterways as there is always something going on!

My passion is seeking out old traditions and festivals, uncovering the history of the land, discovering Italy’s wonderful artisans and artists and exploring what’s on off the beaten track as much as possible. I hope to inspire you to do the same with useful tips, tidbits and lots of lovely photos along the way!

And I’m very lucky and honoured that my ramblings won Best Art & Culture Blog at the recent Italy Magazine Blogger Awards 2015! Woohoo!! I am forever thankful that you share my passion for this wonderful boot-shaped country! Thank you!

I have the luxury of sharing my travels with an even wider audience as I write regularly for luxury travel provider Select Italy. So if you ever need to skip the queues, fancy a guided day trip or need help planning an Italian itinerary, give their lovely travel experts a call!

And I also write regularly for L’Italo-Americano, the Italian-American newspaper which is very exciting! Don’t forget to check out the latest news from across the pond!

In the meantime, my adventures in Italy continue apace with trips to Bologna, Puglia, the northern lakes and (hopefully) Sicily next on the list for 2018. And I’m also broadening my horizons looking for Italy and Italian influences across the world so watch out for upcoming posts on Roman Britain, Croatia (once part of the Roman Empire) and much much more!

I’d love to hear your experiences of the La Bella Italia plus any recommendations for hidden gems that you’ve found. Drop me a line on social media!

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Ciao for now!


PS My favourite spots so far in Italy include Siena, Venice, Turin, Rome, Cefalù and Verona. And my favourite Italians include the legendary Giacomo Casanova for his fascinating diaries, fabulous photographer Franco Fontano, writer Beppe Severgnini, platinum-selling pop singer Tiziano Ferro, stage & TV actor Luca Zingaretti……..and the list goes on….!


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  1. Ian Mandu says:

    Fantastic blog Lizzie! So informative and such great photos too. I think you’re in the wrong job, travel journalism is calling you!

    I love Venice, my favorite place so far in Italy. I still have the glass snail from Murano! It’s a photographers dream there, and Burano too. Such rich colours, perfect with their lighting.

    Keep up the good work and will be looking on where you’re going to be next. X

    • lizbert1 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement hon, travelling and writing would be my dream job!! And obviously I’d need a photographer!!! Next blog is slightly delayed but hopefully I’ll get it finished in the next week or so, hope u enjoy it! :o) xx

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw, Look forward to seeing more of your work, great site by the way, 🙂

    • lizbert1 says:

      Thanks Ed, loving your blog on castles. have never been over to Ireland but your photos really make me want to go! Keep up the great work! ;o)

  3. This sounds like a great project, Italy is so diverse, there are many places I want to explore. I have deliberately avoided immersing myself in the music though! Thanks for following us, we hope you enjoy reading about our little patch of the bel paese. Ciao!

    • lizbert1 says:

      Thanks for the comments and I agree, Italy is a really diverse country with lots of treasures to discover!! I think it may well be a lifetime project but I’m hoping to spend more time over there next year!! Good luck with the olive grove, your blogs describe life really vividly, its like we’re there with you!! Ciao for now!

  4. TripFiction says:

    Ooh, how lovely to bring Italy to your readers. We recently took the boat from Ascona (a fave in Ticino) across Lake Maggiore to Stresa which is full of Edwardian charm – grand hotels and faded splendour. Good food to be found a bit away from the centre. And of course the Borromeo Islands…..

    • lizbert1 says:

      Lake Maggiore was where I first fell in love with Italy! We stayed in Baveno and Pallanza where we discovered liquid hot chocolate!! And of course the Borromeo Islands are gorgeous…….ah happy memories!!!! Hope you get to explore some more…….!!! :o)

  5. Lyn says:

    Hi. Nice to discover you. My favourite singer is Filippa Giordano. My favourite places to stay are in the local villages. This year in May we have booked an apt for 4 weeks in Bagni di Lucca. I am so excited Lyn

  6. apinkmacaron says:

    Great blog! I am glad I stumbled over it. Thanks for the great posts and stories.

  7. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

  8. Its award season and I’ve nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award because I think your blog is lovely. I hope you can accept my nomination. Looking forward to more great posts on your site.


    • lizbert1 says:

      Thank you sooooooo much Lynn!! I can’t tell you how chuffed (that’s Mancunian for pleased!) I am that you like my blog enough to nominate it for the One Lovely Blog Award! I shall be passing the baton on with my nominations later this week!! Thank you very very much for the nomination, your comments and for reading in the first place – it means a lot! :o)

  9. Wonderful blog, I wish I had come across it before going to Italy! My family is from the very north west of Italy in the alps, an hour from the French-Swiss border. If you like nature, you really must make a trip out that way – the mountain views are breath-taking and the food is mouth watering. I recently ate polenta with wild boar while I was there. I would recommend Aosta and Piemonte 🙂

    • lizbert1 says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Noor! My sister’s father in law is from Piemonte and I’m hoping to make a visit to his family’s home sometime as the photos of the village perched up in the mountains look fabulous! And I love wild boar, its so tasty, so I shall certainly add these to my wish list!! Thanks for popping by!

  10. mfryan says:

    Totally agree with your city choices!! They make my top list too. 🙂

  11. Hello! Thank you very much for commenting on my measly page “uclastudyabroad” hehe compared to yours is nothing!! This is fantasitic!!

    • lizbert1 says:

      We all started somewhere Karla! And I thought your blog was actually really good as it is full of useful info! Keep up the great work and have a fab time here in beautiful Italy!!

  12. lagiraffa says:

    I’d love to see my country through your eyes! I’ll follow your trips&tips :-))

  13. lagiraffa says:

    You do!! Love your italian lessons 😀

  14. Ishita says:

    Perugia and Trieste are the best. I went this time I can’t stop gushing about the two. You will love them. I have yet to visit Bologna. Great blog :* <3

    • I love Perugia too Ishita but Trieste is still on my to do list, hopefully for this month so thanks for the recommendation!! And I’ve not been to Bologna yet either but again, hope to get there soon as I’ve heard such wonderful things about it! Too many places to see, not enough days in the year eh!! Keep the fab posts coming yourself missy!! :oD

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