12 expat travellers reveal the best destinations to live

Dreaming of living the expat life? Got your eye on a Tuscan farmhouse or living la dolce vita, the sweet life, in Venice? You’re not alone!

Photo of an isolated farmhouse in the corn fields of Tuscany's rolling hills, Italy

Are you dreaming of a farmhouse in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy?

Estimates suggest that as many as 8 million non-military Americans are currently living abroad whilst the UK Office of National Statistics recorded 323,000 Brits emigrating overseas during 2014 alone.

So if you have the urge to give the expat life a go and would like some inspiration, we can help.

12 expat travel writers, including yours truly DreamDiscoverItalia, have been talking to Jasmine over at NomadGirl.co about our lives, our cities and our recommendations for the best locations to live. And whether you dream of waking up to the Sydney skyline, taking the water-bus to work in Venice or chilling out in Chiang Mai, you’ll find some thoughts to help you pick.

Photo of a vaporetto water bus on the Grand Canal in Venice in Italy

The Venice commute – taking the bus to work just got 10 times better!

So where would you choose? Do any of the 12 destinations whet your appetite or do you have ideas of your own? Leave me a comment to share your ideas with us and maybe we can help make them come true! And in the meantime, I totally recommend Venice – it’s exciting, rewarding and, yes, sometimes a bit challenging – so never stop dreaming as the expat life is only a plane ride way!

Photo of the view of the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge, Venice, Italy

Cruising down the Grand Canal in Venice – its not a bad expat life!

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