Learning Italian in Venice is easy!

Ever thought of learning Italian? You’re in good company! Over 200,000 people around the world take it up every year making it the fourth most studied language. And not only do language skills help when travelling, they can also improve job prospects, boost mental activity and even protect against dementia. So if you want to learn more than just the phrasebook essentials of how to say hello, please and thank you in Italian what is the best way to get started? I went to talk to the team at Venice’s Easy Italian Language & Art School (EILA) to find out.

Take a course in Italian in Venice

Learning Italian in Venice is easy

Michele, the school’s head teacher, believes that the key to learning Italian quickly and easily is total immersion in the language, culture and Venetian way of life. The school offers a range of courses designed to suit the needs of the individual student and to get you speaking Italian straight away. But as the name suggests, EILA is not just about learning the language. Michele and the team are passionate that in order for students to really gain an understanding of Italian, they need to also understand the art that surrounds them and communicates what it is to be Italian.

Learn Italian language and art with Venice's new Easy italian Language and Art School

Learning Italian is easy with Easy Italian Language & Art!

So what’s on offer?

Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to consolidate and extend existing language skills, the team have something for you. Language courses include week-long intensive programmes, weekly lessons over a couple of months or even online Skype lessons and each format has a pre-arranged programme with students’ requirements at the centre. Classes tend to be small groups of 2-6 people, but can be larger. Alternatively, individual 1-2-1 courses are also available on request and can be tailored to your own needs. So you see EILA has all the options covered!

Studying Italian made easy

Studying Italian made easy

And once you’ve chosen the right format for you the EILA teachers will have you speaking Italian right from the word go! True to their total immersion philosophy EILA lessons are not only taught in Italian (don’t worry, its not as scary as it sounds as Michele, Daniela et al keep the atmosphere relaxed!) but focus on putting your newly learnt skills into practical use straight away. So instead of dryly memorizing and reciting all those tedious grammar tables the emphasis is on getting you speaking Italian via real-life examples, role-playing and video dialogues. As Michele stresses, the key to their teaching method is that students learn by doing, and it brings results, fast!

1-2-1 learning Italian lesson with Easy Italian Language and Art School

Easy Italian Language classes are fun, relaxed and get results

Lessons aren’t always confined to the classroom either. The team encourages students to get out into the city, often with your classmates, to practice what you’ve been learning in real situations. Don’t worry though, the locals are friendly and usually happy to let you practice your pronunciation and new phrases on them in the supermarket or restaurants around town!

Coffee and fritelle in Venice

Ordering coffee and a fritella doughnut in Italian during Venice’s carnival will be easy-peasy after lessons with EILA!

There is also a weekly MeetUp group on a Monday evening where you can practice your newfound skills with local Italians accompanied by the odd glass of vino (details in the Useful Information section at the bottom of the page) so there is no excuse not to practice! And you never know where those conversations might lead…..I’ve made some lifelong friends through the group in the last year!!

learning italian

Weekly drinks with the Venice Italian Language MeetUp group – cin cin!

But that’s not all! There is more on offer from Easy Italian Learning & Art!

Director Michele and his team believe passionately that when learning Italian you also need to experience and understand two other factors of Italian life – the art and every day life of Italy.

Historically art has been intrinsically linked to Venetian and Italian life in general with paintings being commissioned for homes, schools, churches and aristocratic residences alike. And Venice has the luxury of retaining a large proportion of its art in its original location, on the very walls for which it was commissioned. This offers students the exclusive opportunity to study the messages left by Tiziano, Tintoretto or Tiepolo, for example, whose paintings talk to each other across the rooms and floors of buildings such as the Scuola di San Rocco in San Polo, Venice.

The Sala Grande in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, San Polo, Venice, Italy

The artworks in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco have quite a tale to tell

Art history lessons compliment the language classes perfectly, revealing the expressive nature of Venetian art down through the ages. Lessons take place both in class and around the city taking in the jewels that decorate Venice. And classes also make good use of the city’s sizeable cultural legacy to illustrate how body language and gestures have been used through the centuries, just as today, to communicate a large part of what an Italian has to say. So just as the spoken word conveys a message, so too do Venice’s priceless artworks and EILA’s art history courses are an ideal way to tease out the hidden messages.

Note : As with the language courses, art history lessons are conducted in Italian. Due to the complex nature of some of the art history subjects, however, a minimum of A2 level Italian is required. For more information, contact EILA.

As you can see, there’s much more to learning Italian than simply studying the grammar and vocabulary. And as Michele explains, EILA offers more than just a check-list trot through the stereotypical view of Italian life, language and artistic landscapes – they’re offering a chance to participate and really experience the Venetian life.

Multicoloured Burano houses

Try out your Italian with a visit to see Burano’s pastel painted houses

And at EILA they like to go the extra mile for their students so on top of their range of language and art classes they also help you to immerse yourself in the daily routine and environment of il belle paese (the beautiful country) offering a range of different experiences.

Venetian cicchetti platter

Try out your Italian and check out Venice’s famous cicchetti snacks – a delicious combination of fish, meat, cheese and so much more!!

So whether you fancy sampling the best wine and cicchetti that Venice has to offer, or want to explore the islands and art of Murano and Burano further or are keen to discover the secret gardens of Venice, EILA has a cultural tour just for you!

learning italian

Try out Easy Italian Language and Art’s cultural experiences

And to help with the total immersive experience EILA also offer accommodation for students. The flat is in the less touristy area of Venice so you really live like a local away from the tourist traps, with the lagoon lapping beneath the window! Who could ask for more eh?!

learning italian

Why not stay the week with EILA?

So if you’ve not yet kickstarted your New Year’s resolution to learn a second language, now is the time to do it! Michele and his team of local teachers are ready to put some Italian language and art lessons together for you and will give you the full Italian welcome when you arrive in Venice! What better place to dive into the Italian experience than surrounded by a 1500-year old city bursting with history, art and tradition – EILA really does make learning Italian easy! Don’t forget to leave me a message with your new year’s resolutions or send me a postcard to let me know how you get on with EILA! And in the meantime, all that’s left for me to do is to say In bocca al lupo (good luck!), not that you’ll need it as you’ll be in very safe hands with everyone at EILA! Cominciamo, lets get started!

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”   Nelson Mandela

Useful Information

Easy Italian Language and Art School website

Where to find them
Cannaregio 2975
+39 3491657401

Skype : m.lenzerini
Facebook : link
Instagram : link

Venice Language Meet Up Group website – free for all to join!

Venue : the venue varies from week to week, check the MeetUp website for details
Date & time : Every Monday at 7pm

Our Meet Up is for anyone interested in practising their Italian. Are you a student of Italian living in Venice? Or are you a tourist here only for a few days? Practise your language skills, meet new people and make new friends! We meet weekly at a Venetian tavern, drinking a glass of good Italian wine. All are welcome to this group, of any age or nationality, as long as you have a basic knowledge of Italian Language. See you soon!

Note : This is NOT a sponsored post and I have not been paid to write it, nor am I in any way a part of the business (although I am a joint admin for the MeetUp). I have written this because I believe in the idea to make learning Italian more active and immersive and can heartily recommend Michele as a fabulous teacher and coach!

Venice evening

Venice’s Grand Canal by night

Take That, Rosetta!

A Hole In My Shoe

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  1. suggs69 says:

    ooh, the cicchetti snacks look delish

  2. Cecelia Pierotti says:

    Nicely done yet again…..does make me want to sign up!!!

  3. Great read and I loved the photo of the delicious looking cicchetti. I must admit I had no problems communicating when in Venice and surrounding islands but those real life lessons make it sound such a nicer way to learn. Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • lizbert1 says:

      Next time you’re in Venice you HAVE to track down the cicchetti – lots of bars serve cicchetti and there is so much to choose from!! And although lots of the shopkeepers and barkeepers speak some English, if you venture away from the touristy areas you do need some Italian so its a great place to try out new skills learnt with Michele, Domenico and the team!! Thanks for the opportunity to share via #TheWeeklyPostcard! Keep up the great work!

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    Lovely informative blog as usual . You could do a combined tour guide and learn Italian walk for the more advanced peeps. Lol Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing

  5. What a lovely post! It makes me want to hop a plane and sign up for classes!
    I had the opportunity 20 years ago to study Italian in Italy and I recommend it for anyone who really wants the full Italian language experience. It is amazing to be able to learn in the classroom and then take it “outside” and practice with a teacher at the museums, cafe’, monuments etc. that Italy has! It was a really spectacular way to learn the language…not confined within a classroom.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely Venetian post!
    A presto!

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    I agree that Italian is a very easy to learn language, at least for those whose mother tongue is of latin origin. At any rate, it’s worth learning it. If for nothing else, at least for the unique beauty of that country. Thanks for joining us on The Weekly Postcard.

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