Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

Italy is famous for its art, whether it’s Michelangelo’s Davide in Florence, Tiziano’s Assumption in Venice or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in Paris. Some works, particularly statues and architecture, have survived for centuries, or even millennia, bringing pleasure to modern tourists and art aficionados in much the same way as they did when first commissioned, all shiny and new!

Laocoön and his sons, Vatican Museum, Rome

Laocoön and his sons are missing some hands and arms but are still a spectacular sight in the Vatican Museum, Rome

Its fair to say, however, that not all of them have survived in one piece – the Laocoön Statue, for example, was damaged back in antiquity – so for this week’s photo challenge I’ve picked out a few photos of some of the most beautiful statues and carving that I’ve seen, all of which are broken in some way. All can be found in Rome.

Decorative carving detail from an Ancient Roman building in the Forum, Rome

Decorative carving detail from an Ancient Roman building in the Forum, Rome

I hope you can appreciate the beauty in these cracked and damaged works of art. Leave me a comment to let me know which one(s) you like and also if you have any other favourites!

Collosseo - I built this

Broken and damaged plaque erected by Senator Decius Marius Venantius Basilius to commemorate his restoration of the Colosseum arena in Rome in 484 AD after a terrible earthquake. The inscription was written on a re-used block from the damaged Colosseum so was already broken when it was carved!

Useful information

To view these works for yourself visit –

The Vatican Museum here

The Roman Forum here

The Colosseum here


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