Lets talk about Casanova

There are times when blogging can be a solitary business – researching, reading and writing alone – but the blogosphere is a friendly community as I found out last month when I met up with writer and fellow blogger Kathy Ann González over coffee and a brioche.

Mmm, breakfast!


Casanova walks

Casanova walks

I’d found Kathy’s website www.seductivevenice.com when I was doing a spot of research and loved her posts, particularly her 4 minute video blogs on Giacomo Casanova. I’d also, purely by chance, recently bought her book “Casanova’s Venice: A Walking Guide” in one of the great little independent bookshops of Venice – Marco Polo Books behind the Church of San Giovanni Grisostomo (see address in Useful Information). It had caught my eye because the first time I came to Venice, years ago, I spent several afternoons tracking down places where Casanova had lived or worked (see my Casanova’s Venice blog) so Kathy’s book offered a great chance to explore the infamous lover’s city some more!

It turns out we share a love of the original Venetian casanova, you could even say a little obsession, so I was thrilled when Kathy agreed to meet up for a chat at Bar Tiziano near the church of San Giovanni Grisostomo as it meant I could finally talk to someone with the same passion!

Bar Tiziano

Bar Tiziano

Free Gondola Ride - if only!

Free Gondola Ride – if only!

And talk we did! For 2 hours straight! It was a proper Casanova nerd-out, a Casanovathon if you will, and such a pleasure to hear about Kathy’s love affair with the city which has captured my heart recently too! In fact Kathy is something of an expert on La Serenissima and has been coming here for the last 15-20 or so years. Its no surprise, therefore, that she’s already written 2 books on the city – “Free Gondola Ride” and the previously mentioned “Casanova’s Venice : A Walking Guide” – and is currently writing a third, hence why she’s here doing some research. Kathy did let a few snippets about the new book slip but I don’t want to spoil the surprise by giving anything away! Suffice to say I can’t wait for her to publish it, hopefully later this year or in Spring 2015!

In the meantime, the chatting continued as we went for a bit of a walk so Kathy could point out a couple of hidden gems including Campiello del Remer – literally “little field or courtyard of the oar” which used to be the home of a workshop making and repairing the gondoliers’ oars.

Grand Canal view from Campo Del Remer, Venice

Grand Canal view from Campiello Del Remer, Venice

The courtyard has a fantastic view out onto the Grand Canal opposite the Rialto market and is now home to a lovely little Venetian restaurant which I shall be trying out when my next visitors arrive!!

Just waiting for an excuse to book a table

Hidden gem restaurant in Campiello Del Remer

And finally Kathy asked if I’d film one of her famous “4 minutes with Casanova” video blogs for her so we headed over to the small Teatro Malibran theatre that was significant in Giacomo’s life. The video should be on Kathy’s site soon and I can tell you that it includes some very interesting facts about his life living close by – it was all I could do to not shake the camera from nodding along when Kathy was talking!! Sorry Kathy!

Tickets please!

Tickets please!

Sadly Kathy and I are only in Venice for the summer so there may not be much time for many more coffees but I’m glad to have found a blog chum and I look forward to watching more of her video blogs, reading her website and, of course, reading her new book when it comes out around the end of the year!! In bocca al lupo Kathy!! Catch up soon!

Author Kathy Ann González and little old me!

Author Kathy Ann González and little old me!

Useful information

Kathy’s websites – www.seductivevenice.com & http://seductivevenice.wordpress.com

Venice bookshops where you can buy Kathy’s books

Kathy’s books are also available to buy online

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  1. Fishink says:

    Great post, I found myself smiling so much reading this as your enthusiasm oozes out from between the coffees and Brioches : )

  2. suggs69 says:

    oooh, I want to return so you can take me to that restaurant x

  3. And happily we DID find time to meet for coffee again! So nice to get to know you, Liz. Thanks for the lovely post and for the lovely conversation.

    • lizbert1 says:

      Thanks too! I finished reading Free Gondola Ride this week and am just about to start Casanova’s walks so I can expire this beautiful city further! Lets keep in touch!! xxx

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