It’s raining, it’s pouring – umbrella bags, a genius invention!

Wet umbrellas in a Verona shop umbrella stand

Wet umbrellas in a Verona umbrella stand

As the clouds open up in Venice and across Europe again today, it reminds me of a curiosity that I first came across in Verona this Spring – umbrella bags!

Umbrella bags? What are they??

Well, imagine you are out shopping in the rain and obviously have a wet umbrella. Clearly, as you pop in and out of shops you need to fold your wet umbrella. Many Italian shops politely make umbrella stands available to leave your soggy umbrella at the door and avoid it dripping all over you. Its a lovely reminder of what used to happen in the UK and everyone adheres to the system. And unlike in British shops, your umbrella is miraculously still there even after a good long look round the shop! But some shops go one step further.

Now imagine that at the entrance to the shop there is not only an umbrella stand but also one with long thin plastic bags. Beside the bags is a notice politely asking customers to bag their wet umbrellas so as not to sprinkle water around the shop or over the products. Genius!

I’ve been offered an umbrella bag in a bookshop, several clothes shops and a museum too although I don’t know whether this is an Italian thing or a European thing? Either way, I’m a convert and don’t go anywhere now without my umbrella bag!!

Plastic umbrella bags in a Verona bookshop, Italy

Umbrella bags in a Verona shop, Italy



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6 Responses to It’s raining, it’s pouring – umbrella bags, a genius invention!

  1. suggs69 says:

    Good idea although it may have been our antipodean friends. I recall seeing them at the doors of the malls in Sydney in 2000.

  2. suggs69 says:

    Sydney?? rain?? :o) [yeah]

  3. Fishink says:

    Old Blighty gets so much rain , why haven’t they hit out shores I wonder, but then what are the plastic sleeves for ?

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